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Family owned and operated for over 30 years Windsock Lodge accommodates fishermen, fisherwomen, and families in the wilderness of Eastern Manitoba.   A group of up to 4 and their respective pets to enjoy our resorts one of our 3 lakeside LHK cabins.  Guests commune in a living room and a full kitchen with a gas BBQ​, double and single beds inhabiting 2 bedrooms.  Each cabins outfits lodgers with indoor plumbing and a central shower with all bedding and cooking utensils.  Boarders survey potential fishing areas from windows overlooking the lake or engage wall mounted trophies in staring contests in the event of poor weather.  Using your own rod and tackle(or we can provide you with one), we also sell live minnows to coax up catches from crowds of walleye, small mouth bass, northern pike and perch.  when not engaged in one of nature's primal battles, visitors enjoy swimming, hiking on nature trails, casual lake boating, or visiting the ghosts of one of the area's historic gold mines. Guests are encouraged to bring  sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, seasonally appropriate clothing and bathing towels. 


Please call or text us to book your wilderness experience!